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From the Canterbury Bankstown Express

“The Wolli Creek Preservation Society has shone some light on serious environmental concerns over the potential M5 East Tunnel duplication.”



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Plans Will Destroy Bushland

Canterbury Torch 6th June 2012

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Min. No. 149 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Adler)

THAT the transfer of land from NSW Parks and Wildlife to the Wolli Creek Regional Park be completed as a matter of urgency AND THAT the timeframe for the transfer be presented to the Council meeting in June 2012.

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT4, W-25-12 PT4

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M5 East Proposed Duplication

MOTION (Councillor Eisler)

THAT having regard to the almost stationary state of vehicle kilometres travelled in Sydney over the past eight years, the imminent surge in petrol prices with world economic recovery and peak oil, the need for infrastructure spending to be directed to the provision of public transport rather than roads and the crucial biodiversity values of the bushland of the Wolli Creek Valley, this Council opposes the duplication of the M5 East, in particular the proposed destruction, for a second tunnel, of over 10% of the identified priority bushland area of the Valley, which is the largest natural area in Sydney’s inner South-West and the Cooks River catchment.

In light of this, Council calls upon the Minister for Roads to direct Roads and Maritime Services not to undertake exploratory drilling for the tunnel anywhere in the Wolli Valley bushland.

The motion on being put to the meeting LAPSED for want of a seconder.

During discussion of the above item, the following MOTION was moved.

Min. No. 148 RESOLVED (Councillors Kritharas/Kebbe)


  1. Council write to the NSW Minister for Roads and Maritime Services expressing qualified support for the duplication of the M5 East and in particular the tunnel section of the road that will pass under precious bushland in the Wolli Creek Valley,
  2. Council call on the NSW Government to ensure the project is constructed in an environmentally friendly manner with minimum negative impact on the bio-diversity values of the bushland areas in the Wolli Creek Valley along the route of the motorway duplication AND THAT any drilling undertaken be minimised and in accordance with environmental regulations and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Councillor Eisler requested that her name be recorded as having voted against the resolution.

Note Wolli Creek Preservation Society commented on the above motion saying “WCPS is disappointed that Council’s resolution, moved by two ALP members, notes how precious Wolli bushland is, yet makes no call on the Sate Coalition Government to avoid destroying that bushland. That any drilling should be done in accord with environmental regulations should surely be taken as read. That drilling should be done in ‘an environmentally friendly manner’ is just oxymoronic – the only thing that would be environmentally ‘friendly’ would be to have no drilling at all. More likely we will see the bushland trashed by drilling and then argued to be of little value.

“However, we are not surprised by this. The previous ALP State Government, despite many representations, public meetings, campaigns by WCPS, failed to deliver on its commitment made in 1998 to turn all the Wolli bushland into a Regional Park under NPWS management. Its local members on Council now propose such a wishy-washy motion that it will have the effect of endorsing RMS plans to destroy a vital two-hectare section of that bushland.

“We are grateful to Councillor Eisler, for her resolute opposition to the drilling and, like her, we oppose the whole idea of spending megabucks on a road duplication that will attract more vehicles, reduce public transport use, and suck funds away from constructing the public transport network needed to reduce the traffic trying to use the M5E, all at a time when petrol prices are bound to take off with the hoped-for world economic recovery.”

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT4, E-45-14 PT3

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Mundey Leaves His Mark


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