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Linda Eisler was a Greens Councillor on Canterbury Council from 2008 till 2017. She did not become part of the amalgamated council’s advisory panels, as she believes the community has not been adequately consulted on the amalgamation. However, she has continued to represent the community with the new administration and has liaised successfully.

She has always demonstrated honesty and has been outspoken in her representation of residents and community groups. She is reliable and fearless in her commitment to her constituents.


While on council she has consulted widely from her participation in a large number of working groups like disability, multicultural, floodplains management. She established the Environment and Sustainability Working Group. Amongst her achievements was the establishment of a regional energy study; developing the Interfaith Talks; chairing the GreenWay.
Linda believes that the community needs to understand and have a say in what Canterbury-Bankstown looks like and how it develops in the future. Greenspace and public facilities like schools and good public transport are vital to a healthy community. So is reasonable and sustainable development.

You can help re-elect Linda by supporting her campaign:

Phone her on: 0400426424

Email her

Follow her on Facebook LindaEislerCanterburyGreens



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Complete the survey and save us from an archery park in Waterworth and a bike safety facility in Gough Whitlam.

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Why WestConnex and proposed MetroLink for Bankstown lines are big mistakes! No transparency, not going to fulfill promises of reducing traffic congestion, or, carry more people to where they want to go. Budget blow outs. Safety concerns. Fewer jobs. 12 months without a railway. Who benefits? Developers.
Mehreen Faruqi MLC, Janice Hall Canterbury Greens, David Shoebridge MLC, Jim Casey Greens Candidate for Grayndler, Brent Heber Greens Candidate Barton, Katherine Calman Community Speaker WestConnex, Alex Claassons Bus & Train Union were giving us vital information and arguing for a whole of Sydney solution. A solution that is transparent, costed, sustainable and in the community interest, not developers. Green supporters were not the only ones impressed. People are disappointed with their current political representatives.

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Last night I joined the Wolli Preservation Society on one of their counts. I was fortunate, as they had enough counters I went to the bat camp and sat waiting for dusk to fall when the bats would take

flight. Imagine sitting in the bush alone as dusk falls, but you are not in the bush. You are minutes away from a railway and homes in the

centre of Sydney. It was truly magic! After a week of doing politics I felt rejuvenated.

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50/14   WESTCONNEX, 25TH SEPTEMBER, 2014 FILE NO:       C-123-6 PT4, W-25-7 Min. No. 357   RESOLVED  (Councillors Eisler/Paschalidis-Chilas) THAT Council

  1. Joins Marrickville Council in formally opposing the WestConnex motorway and widening of the M5 East and any other motorway proposal that will have negative impacts on the Wolli Creek Valley’s bushland or Tempe Wetlands, and
  2. Requests the General Manager to write to the State Government asking them to commit to the preservation of the Wolli Creek Valley’s bushland and Tempe Wetlands and to ensure that no roads, or construction of roads, impinge upon these areas.

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