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Dead Fish a Mystery

From the Valley Times on December 4th, 2008

DEAD fish were strewn across the shores of the Cooks River last week with passersby reporting “hundreds” of fish along the banks.

A spokesperson from the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) said they are not aware of how many fish washed up on shore, although they’re investigating and reasons “could be many and varied”.

“We’ve inspected the site and area, and collected water and fish samples for analysis,” the spokesperson said. “It does happen from time to time in areas with industrial development around.”

The DECC said that a passerby observed white discharge from the storm water drains, which is also under investigation.

Canterbury Greens Councilor Linda Eisler said this could possibly be a result of toxic chemical spills in the water.

The Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority (CMA) told the Valley Times that although they’re active on the Cooks River, they weren’t aware of the incident.
“There has been some fish kills in the past,” a spokesperson from the CMA said.

Peter Munro from the Cooks River Valley Association (CRVA) was working on the bush regeneration project at Croydon Park on Saturday, two days after the first sighting, and said that several canoes passed and reported hundreds of dead fish along the river.  “They were mainly 30cm mullet,” Mr Munro said.

Gale Adams, coordinator of Stream Watch, a group who test the water regularly, is conducting an investigation to determine what the source of the killings is.

“It’s a rather unusual event,” Ms Adams said. “We aren’t able to say definitively what the reason is yet.”

Canterbury Council’s General Manager Jim Montague said they were notified by the DECC of the incident on Friday.

Anyone observing dead fish in or along the river can contact the DECC 24 hour pollution line on 131 555.


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Ewen Park Car Park Surface

THAT during the design and construction of the new car park on the site of the existing tennis courts in Tennent Parade, Hurlstone Park all available surfacing materials other than concrete and bitumen be evaluated in order to select the treatment that best atisfies the technical and financial criteria developed for the project and also deliver the best possible environmental and social outcome.
I have requested an investigation into alternative surfacing for the car park that’s to be built in Ewen Park for a number of reasons that have been expressed by a significant number of residents:
Firstly, it will be a large car park and they are concerned that it will not be an aesthetic construction and will not provide a better view of the river than tennis courts.
Secondly, that there will be an increase in storm water runoff which will pollute the river with oils left by cars.
Finally, if the surfaces are tarred or concreted we will see a continuance of anti‐social behaviour like cars doing wheelies, prostitution and drug use. We will also a continuance of dumping. If the car park looks more like the rest of the park then we believe it will assist in deterring such behaviour.

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