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Street Tree Pruning

Min. No. 37 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)
THAT Council

  1. Request AUSGRID organise pruning in early Autumn and not Spring so at least the trees might have the opportunity to recover by Spring and therefore provide shade and feed for the birds.
  2. Require AUSGRID to prune the trees responsibly to maximise the canopy, alternatively
  3. Consider an annual replacement program of the Callistemon species to Council’s specifications.
  4. Request AUSGRID to put the wires underground.

FILE NO: CC-123-6 PT4, S-81-6 PT4


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Stay Vigilant

From Valley Times on October 1st, 2009

STRATEGIES to deter the poisoning of trees in Canterbury are being investigated, however residents are urged to get behind the council and step up efforts to catch offenders.

Cr Linda Eisler moved a motion last week that council investigates strategies to deter the poisoning of trees, such as those used by other councils.  “Too often we see people poison trees to improve their view, access or [due to] rubbish [from trees],” Cr Eisler said.  “There is nothing we can do about it on private land, but we can on public.”
Cr Eisler suggested putting barriers around trees until they mature, and investigating what other councils are doing.

Canterbury Council’s general manager Jim Montague said perpetrators need to be caught poisoning trees with evidence for a conviction to be secured.  “Unfortunately we can only proceed against an offender if we are provided with incriminating evidence and testimony by credible witnesses,” he said.  “We urge residents to remain vigilant and to provide us with any relevant proof, preferably video or photographic, in order to secure a conviction.”

Anyone convicted of poisoning a tree faces hefty fines. If you have any info that can assist council, call them on 9789 9300.

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Strategies To Deter Poisoning Of Trees

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, E-19-5 PT2
Min. No. 283 RESOLVED
THAT Council investigate strategies used by other Councils to deter the poisoning of trees on Council land.
Too often we see people poisoning trees to improve their view or access, or, because they don’t like the mess they cause.
We cannot prosecute them unless we know exactly who they are and can prove it in a court of law.
This enables them not only to go unpunished, but often, because the situation has changed, that is, there is no longer a tree, and therefore no impediment, they can force Council to accept development we were previously opposing.
There is not anything we can do about trees on private land but we can on public land.  We can replace trees, we can put up barriers until the trees have matured as other Councils have done.
In this motion I am asking Council to investigate what other Councils have done to deter the destruction of trees in our area so that we best determine what preventative strategies we can use to deter people from killing trees on Council land.

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