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Min. No. 66 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)


The report regarding the proposed tender for the development of a Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) Regional Renewable Energy Master Plan be noted.

  1. The objective of 30% renewable energy use by 2030 be endorsed.
  2. The need for councils to facilitate and potentially actively participate in the development of renewable energy infrastructure be supported.
  3. Expenditure of up to $10,000 as Council’s contribution to the cost of the consultancy required be endorsed.
  4. The calling of tenders to develop a single Regional Renewable Energy Master Plan for all SSROC Councils be supported.

The SSROC project has come into being through Green Councillors initiating a Renewable Energy Master Plan in 2010/11.

FILE NO: S-105-13 PT2

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Min. No. 306 RESOLVED (Councillors Furolo/Eisler)


  1. The draft Vision for local government in NSW developed at the Destination 2036 event be supported.
  2. The removal of rate pegging, the pursuit of new financing models, stronger resource sharing arrangements through Regional Organisations of Councils, and the review of the Local Government Act to provide greater clarity of core responsibilities be nominated as priorities for the draft Action Plan.
  3. Workshops on Destination 2036 be held at appropriate times.

During debate on the above item, the Mayor, Councillor Furolo, vacated the Chair at 8.46 p.m. and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Kritharas, assumed the Chair.
The Mayor, Councillor Furolo, resumed the Chair at 9.12 p.m.

I amended the motion to add the third point: Workshops on Destination 2036 be held at appropriate times.
I believe all Councillors should have had an opportunity to have an input into Destination 2036. The first Conference only included non elected General Managers and Mayors. There was not an opportunity for Councillors to discuss topics before the Conference, rather we were given a fait accompli document. This is too important a topic for all elected Councillors not to have a say in any future discussions.

FILE NO: L-44-4

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