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Cooks River Day Out at Gough Whitlam Park Earlwood. What a fabulous day! All the important environmental groups were there from CRVA; Mudcrabs; Wolli Creek Preservation Society; Cooks River Alliance. Taronga Zoo; Travel Bugs; Support for Container Deposit Legislation groups were there too. Also the Titans were there in support providing a fabulous bbq! Cr Eisler’s favourite was the echidna.

Cooks River 074 Cooks River 076 Cooks River 078 Cooks River 079 Cooks River 080 Cooks River 081Cooks River 082 Cooks River 083 Cooks River 085 Cooks River 086 Cooks River 087 Cooks River 088 Cooks River 089

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Canterbury Community Club are holding a meeting on Sunday 30th November, 4:30pm at:

Canterbury Bowling Club
15 Close St

They will be discussing Canterbury Council’s plans for the Bowling Club. Submissions close 5th December, 2014.

All welcome.

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Aquatic and Fitness Centres

Min. No. 125 RESOLVED (Councillors Adler/Eisler)

THAT Council notes the importance of the aquatic and fitness centres for our community and is committed to retain the full spectrum of services that the centres provide.

Accordingly Council resolves THAT an Aquatic and Fitness Centres Advisory Committee be established to provide advice to Council on the strategic direction for the centres and any important issues that may arise.

The Committee will be chaired by a Councillor and consist of one Councillor from each Ward and representatives of the community with Council officers at the discretion of the General Manager AND THAT the Terms of Reference and Meeting Procedures for the Committee be reported to the next meeting of Council in June.

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Active Open Space Review

Min. No. 236 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)

  1. Council arrange a meeting, or series of meetings, as required, with neighbouring councils to review the amount of active open space allocated by councils for use by sporting groups and clubs across the region in an attempt to achieve the optimal use of available space.
  2. Councillors, relevant staff, interested sporting groups and community groups to participate in the review process as appropriate.
  3. The proposal be referred to the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) for its comment and possible participation in the review.

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, R-7-5 PT2

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