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Nov Council Papers 2014, 2 002

Canterbury Councillors defeated a motion to support the Better Planning Network’s Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW.

The Charter featured effective and genuine community participation in planning; an open, accessible, transparent and accountable, corruption-free planning system.

Makes you wonder why it was defeated, doesn’t it!

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Canterbury Community Club are holding a meeting on Sunday 30th November, 4:30pm at:

Canterbury Bowling Club
15 Close St

They will be discussing Canterbury Council’s plans for the Bowling Club. Submissions close 5th December, 2014.

All welcome.

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Jack and Bats Nov 2014 031 Jack and Bats Nov 2014 035 Jack and Bats Nov 2014 036 Jack and Bats Nov 2014 037 Jack and Bats Nov 2014 081

Last night I joined the Wolli Preservation Society on one of their counts. I was fortunate, as they had enough counters I went to the bat camp and sat waiting for dusk to fall when the bats would take

flight. Imagine sitting in the bush alone as dusk falls, but you are not in the bush. You are minutes away from a railway and homes in the

centre of Sydney. It was truly magic! After a week of doing politics I felt rejuvenated.

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Linda Eisler, Candidate for Canterbury

I have been a Greens Councillor on Canterbury Council for 6 years and prior to that I was a Public School teacher for 20 years.  These roles have increased my awareness of the need for good communication with residents and for transparency and honesty in government.

Local environmental groups have always found me at the forefront, helping them access information; being a spokesperson; and assisting their discussions with relevant people. Whether it is alerting to a rezoning that might affect Wolli; meeting with the General Manager regarding a community building; preventing a public path being privatised;  as Chair of the GreenWay, being interviewed for Radio National; or putting a motion on the WestConnex to Council, I have been there campaigning in my role as a politician.

Encouraging Southern Sydney Region of Councils to fund a Renewable Energy Scoping Study, carried out by UTS, was one of the big wins in my career. It is something that is continuing to be developed. It will have a positive effect on Councils in the Inner West, and residents, in carbon reduction and moving to renewables.

However, it is working with the diverse community of Canterbury, whether it is attending their functions, or, sponsoring one, as I did with a Vietnamese children’s sporting group, where the single mothers were celebrated, that I find myself most at home. I really enjoy participating in the community and helping establish greater harmony. Through the Multicultural Committee, I helped create the Interfaith Committee which is working to foster harmony through understanding. Together we wrote a statement of common values for Canterbury: harmony and cooperation; mutual respect; actively working together; building trust and hope.

I really enjoy talking to residents about their issues, whether it is a problem with traffic or rubbish. Being able to get them the help or information they need is important to developing a sense of empowerment. Negotiating the bureaucracy can be overwhelming.

Although I am the only Green on Council I have been able to make change. Some of my achievements include funding for Community Gardens; community forums for Ewen Park Community Centre and the Aquatic Centres; objection to WestConnex; support for GreenWay.

I want to take the skills I have developed to State Government. The Greens’ policies are my guide. Grassroots Democracy; Ecological Sustainability; Social Equality and Economic Justice; Peace, Non Violence and Disarmament are the cornerstones of The Greens.

Honest and open communication with residents; ensuring all are cared for; a green, safe and sustainable environment. That is the philosophy which directs all of my actions.

Linda Eisler_ 3

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Earlier this week Cr Eisler joined local Coffs Harbour protesters when they cut up their credit cards of banks who invest in coal. Fabulous!coffs harbour 2014 034 coffs harbour 2014 035

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