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We watched a 1967 video where women in pumps, dresses and beads, and men, carried babies up Nanny Goat Hill in Wolli Creek to save it from being destroyed. The mayor at the time called them irritants.

Nanny Goat Hill is still here today and is an enjoyable climb. The top offers a great view of the city. We are so fortunate that those Earlwood residents were happy to be irritants, otherwise the hill would have become part of the airport runway.

Mehreen spoke of the loss in Newcastle of part of the railway. Here in Sydney we have to be aware of what the Baird State Government want to do with the Bankstown-Sydneham line.
It sounds good, but the problems are in the detail. Will it run every 4 minutes ALL day? What affect will privatisation have? There won’t be enough seats so how will the elderly and disabled cope? Driverless – jobless. This is not an extra line, the existing line will be out of action for at least a year.

Canterbury Greens will be holding a forum 13th December, 2-4pm, Canterbury Bowling Club, Close St Canterbury.

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Cooks River Day Out at Gough Whitlam Park Earlwood. What a fabulous day! All the important environmental groups were there from CRVA; Mudcrabs; Wolli Creek Preservation Society; Cooks River Alliance. Taronga Zoo; Travel Bugs; Support for Container Deposit Legislation groups were there too. Also the Titans were there in support providing a fabulous bbq! Cr Eisler’s favourite was the echidna.

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Urgent need for Canterbury Residents, also Ashfield and Marrickville to take action before Canterbury  Council meeting on 23rd July.

The Canterbury Council Officers and Consultants have been consistent in recommending Peace Park in Ashbury:

  • The only appropriate site within Gough Whitlam Park is the Touch Football and Community Events Space – 2014/15 hired 23 times: 7x for recurring school sport; Circus; Car show; European Car show; Rally; Family Christmas and Birthday Party events; Kirat Festival; School picnic; 3x school cross country events and walkathon; General bookings for touch football.

There is nowhere else in that area that is large or flat enough, nor with adequate parking, seating and amenities to hold such events.

  • There has already been community backlash over expansion of an existing playground in Gough.
  • Community Groups are also concerned that they are not being consulted over significant changes like this.
  • Gough is 3.6km from Sydney Park which has a similar facility. Ashbury is 7.8km. The argument being, do we need another facility so close to Sydney Park?

The argument for Gough is that it is on the Cooks bicycle path. However, cyclists have been mapping the Ashbury area and are developing a cycling strategy that would not be expensive, from Canterbury Station and the river to Peace Park. It would not be as flat as the Cooks, but not as steep as proponents of Gough have been saying. It will be sent to the Director of Works asap and I will attach as soon as possible.

Importantly: Canterbury’s Recreation; Environment and Sustainability; and Traffic Committees should have a say, before this is approved. The COMMUNITY should be having a say before a decision is made.


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May 6th, 2015

ENJOYING a worldwide boom, thanks to recent movie epics like ‘The Hunger Games’, archery may be on the way to Earlwood.
Canterbury councillor Con Vasiliades is behind the push for an archery centre in Waterworth Park, however, not everyone is as enthusiastic.
Greens Councillor Linda Eisler says there is not enough space already for local sporting clubs and she thought if there was any room to move at Waterworth Park, those groups should take priority: “There’s also endangered salt marsh there and I just don’t believe the area is large enough to accommodate archers. We might as well just invite the shooters and fishers too.”
Canterbury councillors moved at last month’s meeting to set up a committee, including interested councillors and K-Archery’s Liam Lim, to ‘help establish the requirements of an archery range at the south western corner of Waterworth Park’.

Publication: Canterbury Torch | Section: news | Story ID: 72970

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Residents believe that Canterbury Council needs to rethink their plans for Canterbury Bowling Club in Close St Canterbury. They claim plans for thousands of new apartments on the site is gross overdevelopment and unnecessary.

They believe the site would be better suited to community gardens; child care centre; community centre; green space. 18th January 2015 143

Cr Linda Eisler attended today’s meeting and offered her support to their opposition to any sell off.18th January 2015 134 18th January 2015 137 18th January 2015 141

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