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“You can create and recreate, even relocate a tunnel or roadway, but not something that’s taken since the beginning of time to form.” From the speech I made last night on WestConnex. The motion was passed!

In May 2012 we expressed concern over what effect the M5E might have on the Wolli. And asked that the Government destroy it ‘in an environmentally friendly manner’.

Since then Marrickville Council in February 2013, which is NOT a Greens dominated Council, passed a resolution seeking to protect Wolli Creek, as well as its own Tempe Wetlands from WestConnex.

No matter what doubts we had in the past that the impact on Wolli may not be as bad as we thought must have been dispelled by now. Secrecy continues to surround the project and will continue till after the State election. We are still relying on 2009 route proposals re the Wolli Valley.

If you have walked the Wolli, or even seen the aerial photos, you will know the value of that precious asset to the whole inner SW of Sydney.

What will be destroyed is part of the 4.5km Wolli Track. That is significant in itself. It is the start of the Two Valley Trail, which is Canterbury’s longest walking trail and covers both the Cooks River and the Wolli Valley. It is a 13km bush walk well known throughout the greater Sydney area (and beyond); popular with bushwalking groups/clubs, locals and school groups.

The area that will face destruction has 11% of it identified as priority bushland.

There are over 1500 trees that the tree preservation officer of Canterbury Council would not support for removal.

It is geologically unusual in that it transitions between shale and sandstone landforms and geology, giving rise to a diverse range of vegetation types eg Coachwood, Water Gum, and Lilly Pilly trees, the later being listed as Endangered under NSW legislation and Vulnerable under Federal).

And the list goes on:

The only Scribbly Gum tree that exists in the Wolli as well as the only Bearded Orchid species.

It contains extensive areas of native orchids.

Native animals; striking moss and lichen; natural creek banks; sandstone ledges and overhangs, boulders and outcrops.

It also has European archaeological sites dating from the 1930’s.

However, most important of all, it is something we can never recreate. You can create and recreate, even relocate a tunnel or roadway, but not something that’s taken since the beginning of time to form.

So, on behalf of future Canterbury families, I ask you to support the motion.

WestConnex Wolli Creek Supporters Celebrate at Council

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White Ribbon Day

Cr Linda Eisler and Canterbury Greens Sam Byrne, Bashir Sawalha and Barbara Bloch attended Canterbury’s White Ribbon Day march held in Lakemba recently.

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