Senator Lee Rhiannon joined Canterbury Candidate Linda Eisler and supporter Judy at Ashbury Public School Fete. The children’s performances demonstrate what a dedicated staff and parent body they have. Linda has visited Ashbury PS a number of times over her seven years as a Canterbury Council Councillor and always been impressed by the quality of education at Ashbury. Lee and Linda met an ex-student of 20 years that had driven 2 hours to attend.

However, Ashbury is facing overdevelopment threats. As a councillor, Linda has been working with the community on these issues for a number of years. She has met with residents and attended community meetings over concerns to rezone the Chubb and Tyres 4U site, 149-171 Milton St. It is currently zoned light industrial, but there is concern that it will be rezoned to high-rise residential.

This part of Ashbury is nearly 2km from the nearest train station. The bus system is inadequate. The schools are at capacity. Traffic is already busy. Local employment barely exists.

The city of Canterbury has already faced overdevelopment and the Priority Precincts want to push development beyond the extreme. Now another development in an unsuitable area is being attempted.

Ashbury is a vibrant heritage area. The fete was once again an enormous success because community support exists. There was a really joyous atmosphere at the fete.

We need workplaces as well as living spaces. Canterbury has already borne a significant amount of new development. The State Government is not taking that f. It is not providing the new schools needed. It is talking about pulling down schools and building multi-story schools with no extra play area. There is no discussion of improving the hospitals, community facilities, aged care, and public transport.

Linda Eisler will oppose rezoning of the site for high-rise accommodation on this site and any site in Ashbury.


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Linda Eisler was a Greens Councillor on Canterbury Council from 2008 till 2017. She did not become part of the amalgamated council’s advisory panels, as she believes the community has not been adequately consulted on the amalgamation. However, she has continued to represent the community with the new administration and has liaised successfully.

She has always demonstrated honesty and has been outspoken in her representation of residents and community groups. She is reliable and fearless in her commitment to her constituents.


While on council she has consulted widely from her participation in a large number of working groups like disability, multicultural, floodplains management. She established the Environment and Sustainability Working Group. Amongst her achievements was the establishment of a regional energy study; developing the Interfaith Talks; chairing the GreenWay.
Linda believes that the community needs to understand and have a say in what Canterbury-Bankstown looks like and how it develops in the future. Greenspace and public facilities like schools and good public transport are vital to a healthy community. So is reasonable and sustainable development.

You can help re-elect Linda by supporting her campaign:

Phone her on: 0400426424

Email her canterbury-bankstown@nsw.greens.org.au

Follow her on Facebook LindaEislerCanterburyGreens




Emmet is a lifelong resident of Roselands Ward in the newly created Canterbury-Bankstown Council and works in retail . Emmet is 23 and believes young people and all residents should have a say in their local  community.

Commuting to work five days a week by train, Emmet is acutely aware of what is at stake with the State Government’s plans to rip up and privatise the Bankstown line. The Greens will fight every step of the way to Keep the Bankstown Line Public.

Passionate about the right for everyone to live in decent and affordable homes with adequate access to community amenities and infrastructure, Emmet and the Greens will put planning for people ahead of developer profits.

Growing up, Emmet was involved in local sporting clubs and so understands the importance of local parklands and sporting fields. It is vital that access to these spaces for relaxation and recreation is ensured.

Help elect Emmet:

Email: canterbury-bankstown@nswgreens.org.au

Phone: 0475730625

Facebook: GreensforRoselands

22 November 2016 Council meeting a draft master plan for Gough Whitlam and Waterworth Parks in Earlwood which was approved for exhibition.

The last consultation session in Gough Whitlam Park will be held on Tuesday 21 February from 5:30pm – 7pm.

Due to the history of the project Council is expecting a number of residents and parks users to attend the consultation session. Particularly as the previous consultation completed by the former Canterbury Council was met with a large amount of opposition from the community, particularly due to archery and a bike safety facility being proposed.

The draft master plan includes works which are important elements to meet community expectations, such as upgraded car parks, amenities, landscaping and tree planting. A set of optional works are being presented to the public which are open to consultation.

It is expected that the final draft master plan will be presented back to Council in April. Once adopted it will then guide the preparation of a new plan of management for the parks.

Bigger councils will mean more development applications will fall through the cracks. We need quality councils to improve our community.

This is about Council Officers inadequately informing councillors. It is also about voting for quality councillors. Amalgamating councils merely dilutes the voice of residents.
Canterbury- Bankstown is so large it’s impossible for councillors to be familiar with the whole council. It means councillors voting on a decision rely more heavily on officer reports and colleagues.
Local is missing. We need a small council and quality councillors.

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