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Getting Ready For 2020

3 Canterbury Greens attended NSW Greens inservice for Greens interested in standing for Local Council – Getting Ready For 2020. In attendance was Jioji Ravulo, Cr Linda Eisler and Marie Healy. The information from present and past councillors and Local Members of Parliament offered great insight and strategies into what it takes to be a local councillor and how to get elected.




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On the campaign trail

A positive Monday morning at Campsie Station with Linda Eisler, Mehreen Faruqi MLC and Emmet de Bhaldraithe.
If you want a Greens voice on Council and live in the Canterbury Ward make sure to vote for Linda Eisler on or before the 9th September!


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22 November 2016 Council meeting a draft master plan for Gough Whitlam and Waterworth Parks in Earlwood which was approved for exhibition.

The last consultation session in Gough Whitlam Park will be held on Tuesday 21 February from 5:30pm – 7pm.

Due to the history of the project Council is expecting a number of residents and parks users to attend the consultation session. Particularly as the previous consultation completed by the former Canterbury Council was met with a large amount of opposition from the community, particularly due to archery and a bike safety facility being proposed.

The draft master plan includes works which are important elements to meet community expectations, such as upgraded car parks, amenities, landscaping and tree planting. A set of optional works are being presented to the public which are open to consultation.

It is expected that the final draft master plan will be presented back to Council in April. Once adopted it will then guide the preparation of a new plan of management for the parks.

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Bigger councils will mean more development applications will fall through the cracks. We need quality councils to improve our community.

This is about Council Officers inadequately informing councillors. It is also about voting for quality councillors. Amalgamating councils merely dilutes the voice of residents.
Canterbury- Bankstown is so large it’s impossible for councillors to be familiar with the whole council. It means councillors voting on a decision rely more heavily on officer reports and colleagues.
Local is missing. We need a small council and quality councillors.


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Head over to and sign the petition to delay the Canterbury Close development. The petition seeks to delay the development to improve amenity and sustainability.

cgbycdlxdgprpbn-800x450-nopadThis development was approved and now they want more. 9-11 stories in a cul de sac. There are other developments already approved as well. It will be a traffic nightmare. But not just for those living there. This is opposite Charles St Canterbury, near the station. Overdevelopment is rampant. The area already becomes gridlocked at peak times. Parking for those going to the station/buses will be gone. No extra schools or hospital beds planned. No improved public transport. No extra green space or sporting facilities and amenities. We need sustainable planning that emphasises amenity.

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