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Cr Eisler, Cr Robson and Cr Kebbe were the only Councillors (Crs  Paschelidis-Chilas and Saleh were away) to vote against accepting Cr Hawatt only paying 5% of a $17K IPad bill. His wife and daughter took the IPad to  Morocco on holiday and forgot to turn of international roaming.


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What ACA didn’t say was that Cr Eisler supported the staged increase in usage recommended by the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel.

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30th April 2015
Pools Stay Open
Canterbury and Roselands pools will remain open over winter.

IN a win for at least 800 residents who signed a petition against their closures, Canterbury and Roselands pools will remain fully open over winter.
“The council made the decision to discontinue the trial of the winter closure of the outdoor pools at Canterbury and Roselands aquatic centres after careful consideration of all relevant factors,” General Manager Jim Montague said.
A member of the Aquatic Centres Committee, Councillor Linda Eisler, a regular user of the pool, says many residents, like herself, would be thrilled with the news.
However, she believes the decision to keep the pools fully open over winter, is a lost opportunity.
“We could have opted to have limited access over winter, with an am/pm opening,” she said.
“By keeping the pools open before and after work, would have still seen them patronised well but allowed for funds to be saved and hopefully, funnelled back into upgrading both the centres.
“It was an option but not one that was explored and debated enough.”
Community representative on the committee, Earlwood resident Judy Playfair, agrees.
“It is great for the swimmers but it won’t achieve anything in terms of upgrades that are so desperately needed.
“My fear is that it has just put us in a holding pattern and with this one-pool policy that a lot of councils are adopting now, Canterbury pool will close as it doesn’t have a 25-metre pool or successful learn-to-swim classes.
“This would be a tragedy with all the new unit blocks going up in the area but until we make the hard decisions about investing money for upgrades, Canterbury will continue to run at a loss. It’s such a shame.”

Publication: Canterbury Torch | Section: news | Story ID: 72915

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May 6th, 2015

ENJOYING a worldwide boom, thanks to recent movie epics like ‘The Hunger Games’, archery may be on the way to Earlwood.
Canterbury councillor Con Vasiliades is behind the push for an archery centre in Waterworth Park, however, not everyone is as enthusiastic.
Greens Councillor Linda Eisler says there is not enough space already for local sporting clubs and she thought if there was any room to move at Waterworth Park, those groups should take priority: “There’s also endangered salt marsh there and I just don’t believe the area is large enough to accommodate archers. We might as well just invite the shooters and fishers too.”
Canterbury councillors moved at last month’s meeting to set up a committee, including interested councillors and K-Archery’s Liam Lim, to ‘help establish the requirements of an archery range at the south western corner of Waterworth Park’.

Publication: Canterbury Torch | Section: news | Story ID: 72970

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