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Emmet is a lifelong resident of Roselands Ward in the newly created Canterbury-Bankstown Council and works in retail . Emmet is 23 and believes young people and all residents should have a say in their local  community.

Commuting to work five days a week by train, Emmet is acutely aware of what is at stake with the State Government’s plans to rip up and privatise the Bankstown line. The Greens will fight every step of the way to Keep the Bankstown Line Public.

Passionate about the right for everyone to live in decent and affordable homes with adequate access to community amenities and infrastructure, Emmet and the Greens will put planning for people ahead of developer profits.

Growing up, Emmet was involved in local sporting clubs and so understands the importance of local parklands and sporting fields. It is vital that access to these spaces for relaxation and recreation is ensured.

Help elect Emmet:


Phone: 0475730625

Facebook: GreensforRoselands


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Thank you to all our volunteers for their hard work on election day, it was a difficult day starting with rain and then intense sun, but our volunteers persevered. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the campaign whether it was letterboxing, volunteering on stalls, handing out at train stations or any other support that was offered, your hard work was reflected in the results. At the moment (with a few votes left to count) we are sitting on 14.9%, this is an increase of 5.2% from the 2015 election, and as far as I can determine the best Greens vote in the history of the Canterbury electorate.

A special thank you to everyone who voted 1 Greens and sent a message to the major parties that Canterbury does not want to lose its current rail infrastructure, that public assets should not be privatised, and that Canterbury should not be overdeveloped only to lower the quality of life for residents and fuel developer greed.

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kristian_bodell_9425_a4Born and raised in Canterbury I am passionate about the local community. I am proud to stand for the Greens in the seat of Canterbury. The Greens are a fresh voice in a political landscape dominated by the old parties and tarnished by corruption. My vision is for practical decisions that prioritise an equitable and sustainable future.

As a solicitor working in Western Sydney primarily in personal injury, I see on a daily basis people struggling to make ends meets following catastrophic injuries that result in permanent disability. The NSW government is proposing to cut compensation payments, forcing some of the most vulnerable people onto welfare payments. The Greens stan
d and fight for economic and social equality.

I’m passionate about delivering effective and affordable public transport. Mike Baird’s proposed Sydenham to Bankstown Metro System will deliver commuters a privatised rail system with no tangible benefit. The service will have lower capacity and limited seating with commuters forced to change trains at Sydenham to get to the city until 2024 at the earliest. During the period of construction of the rail line which the government has conceded to be at least 6 months but could even take years rail users will be forced onto buses and private transport on already congested roads. The added congestion will affect everyone not just those who commute by train. The people of Canterbury deserve better! The Greens propose to improve services by purchasing additional trains, automating signalling and improving the existing network without a protracted period of closure.

Together with the Greens I envision an equitably funded education system. We need equitable funding for government schools, an adequately funded TAFE and publically owned TAFE, and free tertiary education to invest in our future.

fullsizerender-jpg-1Growing up in the Canterbury area I have seen the impact of poor and unimaginative development. Canterbury has been crippled by
poor development, resulting in impractical infrastructure and loss of green space. Development should complement our lives and not add to the stress of daily living. The people of Canterbury are denied access to affordable or social housing.

As a Greens’ member, I believe in ensuring sustainable development, access to affordable public transport and supporting an adequately funded public education system.


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BY-ELECTION for state seat of Canterbury – NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN

Nominations are now open for preselection as the Greens candidate for the state electorate of Canterbury, following the transfer of state MP Linda Burney to the federal parliament.

Nominations will CLOSE on Friday 9 September and the preselection conducted at the Canterbury Greens meeting which starts at 6.30pm on Wednesday 14 September 2016 at Club Belmore, 427 Burwood Road, Belmore.

To nominate, please email me beforehand. If you are keen to nominate, but are unable to attend the meeting, please inform me of this.

Candidates will be given five minutes to address the meeting and the opportunity to distribute there a single-sided A4 page as well.

For more information about the role or the process on the night, email me or call on 0414 876641.


Barbara Bloch (

Greens for Canterbury Returning Officer

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A resident wrote to ex-Councillor Linda Eisler with questions regarding the amalgamation. this is how she replied:
There will not be a mayor or councillors until September 2017.
The Boundary Review has not reported its findings. Why it was held I don’t know. I suspect to pretend to have listened to the community and to be adhering to some sort of democratic process.
Similarly councillors were asked to fill in an EOI (expression of interest). I refused to apply for my job. I said that I was elected and residents had given me the job not the Baird Liberal Government. Also I would not support amalgamation as the residents had been clear that they did NOT want amalgamation, ESPECIALLY not with Bankstown. Who in fact had been told they could stand alone. Another issue being the consequent size of the council, 350k and growing rapidly. Around us amalgamations were the size of Canterbury (150k).
After submitting my EOI I expected to be sacked. I did not expect all the others to be sacked. I’m certain they ALL submitted EOI’s saying they wanted to work for an amalgamated council. I was surprised.
I was then astonished when the Administrator asked if I would consider being on the Advisory Committee. No, apparently he has not seen the EOI’s!!!! Why did we fill them in?
I spoke to him the same day, last Thursday, a reporter rang who told me about an Extraordinary Meeting the next Tuesday. Why hadn’t the Administrator told me? Why couldn’t the Council tell the ex-Councillors about the meeting. They still forward emails and give us other information . Why was it only on the website the day before the meeting? Why did the open session run for only 12 minutes and with no questions from the community?
I am still waiting for Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee a week later. I don’t expect them and I don’t expect the Administrator is really waiting for my answer.
As far as I am concerned the whole process is a sham. The Baird Liberal Government is, in my opinion, pretending to understand and adhere to the democratic process of government.
Their reasons? Most probably to get rid of pains in the necks like me.
What can you do? Let them know what you think.
Help us in our campaign. Watson is the up coming election and we need help.
Thanks for writing.

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